Earth Mother Medicine is a labor of love and service to Pachamama. Pachamama means mother earth, and it is the way in which Latinx people recognize a different relationship of respect and love with the earth. Pachamama not only represents the earth, but also everything that inhabits it.

Our relationship with the planet and our own bodies has led, Earth Mother Medicine to commit to holistic plant-based ways of healing. Our mission is to spread the knowledge of plant medicine. We offer educational hands-on workshops and products such as aromatic and vibrational sprays, bath kits, teas, and herbal smoke blends.

We are a queer femme owned handmade small batch Brooklyn, NY based business. As part of our commitment to healing justice, our goal is to provide free healing workshops and healing circles that is supported through our product revenue. With your support we will be able to manifest collective healing.


Nataley Renteria is a queer Afro-Colombian multi-media artist, photographer, videographer, educator, seer, and healer native to NYC focusing on the exploration of psyche and self through visual media. Her visual work blends the complexity and unspoken dialogue of identity, spirituality, and illness, a territory she uses to cope, heal, and explore her own self. You can see some of her work at

A spiritual and outspoken bruja, Nataley has developed a deep passion for self-healing, plants, aromatherapy, herbalism, color therapy, and energy work. She aims to share and connect people with the knowledge of vibrational medicine which has inspired her small business, Earth Mother Medicine.